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Saint Joseph's Fine Art Studio - Artist Mark Sassani - Art Services 

Art Creation Services offered at the Saint Joseph's Fine Art Studio by Artist Mark Sassani:

Commissions of Paintings - Religious Icons - Church and Religious Art - Painting of Murals


Commissions of Paintings - Mark Sassani takes on painting commissions for individuals, churches and businesses.

Religious Icons - Mark Sassani is an expert at religious icons as well as other church art and religious artwork.

Mural Painting - If you are considering a mural commission, Mark Sassani has vast experience in designing and painting murals. 

For more information or to commission artwork contact Mark Sassani.

Art Restoration - Repair - Repainting Services offered at the Saint Joseph's Fine Art Studio by Artist Mark Sassani:

Fine Art Restoration - Painting Repair - Painting Restoration - Canvas Repair - Torn Canvas Repair - Statuary Repair - Statue Restoration - Statue Repainting

Fine Art Oil Painting Restoration -

Oil paintings can become damaged in many ways. Age, rot, decay, light, humidity levels, heat, accidental damage, vandalism, tearing or falling can severely damage an important work of art. Mark Sassani has the experience and talents necessary to fix, repair and restore damaged paintings.

Torn canvas repair from age wear accidental damage or vandalism canvas can become torn or damaged requiring expert professional fine art restoration.

Frame damage can also occur requiring stabilization of the damaged frame.

Repainting damaged canvas areas of oil paintings and concealing repairs with oil paint requires a trained and skilled art repair and restoration expert. 

Religious Icon Restoration of damaged icons is best accomplished by an expert in the professional repair and repainting of religious icons.

Statuary Art Restoration -

Statues can become chipped cracked broken and shattered due to age, moisture, falling, accidental damage and vandalism. Repairing, stabilizing and restoring statues to original or better condition takes the trained and skilled hand of a professional statuary restoration expert.

Repairing statues and restoring them to original artistic quality is an art in itself. Done properly the results of statuary repair and restoration are beautiful and long lasting.

Stabilizing broken statues fixing cracks chips breaks and filling in missing areas and restoring the surface to original like condition.

Repainting damaged statue areas or complete statue repainting resulting in a look that is original like condition or often times better than original.

Stained Glass Restoration -

Stained Glass over the years can become off color, dull, faded and damaged by harsh environments or vandalism. Often the stained glass can be restored and repainted to obtain beautiful results. 

Repainting stained glass is a challenging and difficult process that is best done by a stained glass restoration and repainting expert.

*Please note we do not repair broken stained glass or do leading repairs.

Religious Artwork Restoration - Religious artwork and church art restoration is a specialty of artist Mark Sassani from religious icon art to murals, paintings, statues, sculpture and stained glass you can count on repair and restoration work being done right with a beautiful end result.

Mark Sassani is an expert in repairing and restoring fine artwork. Mark Sassani has the experience and portfolio of repair and restoration of statues and stained glass repainting and restoring. Contact Mark Sassani for your statue and fine art repair and restoration needs.

Mural Restoration -  Restoring murals is a specialty of Mark Sassani with many years of mural experience you can be sure that repairs and restorations are expertly done.