"Wine & Grapes"

"Taste of Italy"

"Merry Christmas"


"Lovers & Blossoms"

"Sunset & Palms"

"Tree in blossom"

"Winter Tree with Moon and Owl"

"Picasso Lovers"

"Modigliani Lady"

"Van Gogh Sunflowers"

"Van Gogh Cypress Trees"

"Paint & Party" Gallery

This is a gallery of all our paintings that can be reserved for private Paint & Parties.  Pricing is generally the same as our normal Paint & Party courses, ranging from twenty to thirty-five dollars per person.  We offer the same materials that come with our standard courses. We supply the easels, paints, brushes, smocks, etc. 

If you have any painting party questions, or want to schedule a date for one of our private or public Paint and Parties, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Mark Sassani
St. Joseph's Art Studio
101 South Chestnut Street
Mount Carmel, PA 17851
(570) 875-8099

"Super Heroes"

"Wild Flowers"


"Abstract Cat"

"Coffee Cups"

"Three Fish & a Worm "



"Pear Tree"

Single or Couples

"Peach Tree"

Single or Couples

"Apple Tree"

Single or Couples

"Couple in the Moon Light"


"Dawn on the Farm"


"Twilight"    Couples

​"Fly in my Beautiful Balloon"

"Bubble Gum Machine"

"Rainbow Trout"

"Desert Moon"

"TeePee by the Lake"

Peaches & Plums

Abstract Color Harmonies

"Colorful Tree"


"Cat on Pumpkin"

"Dog, Sea & Moon"

"Heart Tree"

"Mommy & Me Butterly"

"Irish Flag & Shamrock"

"Ice Cream Rainbow"

"Couple at Eiffel"

"Autumn Owl"

"Striped Vase & Flowers"

"Sun & Beach"

"Dragon Flies"

"Jazz Instruments"

"Horn of Plenty"

"Humming Birds"

"Abstract Expression"

"Halloween Night"

"Snow along the Brook"

"Girl Relaxing"

"Curly Tree"

"Pop Art"

"Bananas & Peach"

"Cats at Sunset"

"Girls night Out!"

"Robins eggs"



"Peace Van"

"Pine Cones"

"November Lake"

"Santa & His Reindeer"


"Christmas Decorations"

Artist Mark Sassani

"Happy Thanksgiving"



"Trees and Stars"

"Boats On Still Water"


"Morning Coffee"

"​​Spring Time"

"Sun & Moon"

"Calla Lilys"

"Artist Pup"

"Girl with a Flower"

"Rainbow Umbrella"

Saint Joseph's Fine Art Studio


"Soft Ice Cream"

"Kids Beach Scene"

"Beach Umbrella"

"Van Gogh "Promenade"



"lwo Jima"

"Fall Trees"

"Mouse & Cats"

"Birthday Cake"

"Easter Bunny"


"Picasso Lady"

"Scare Crow"

"Hot Coffee"



"Couples Cardinals"


"Rainbow Turtle"

"Country Home"

"Red & Green Compliment"

"Sea Turtle"


"Red Wine"

"Holiday Toast"

"Cherry Blossoms"

"Birds on the Wires"

"Morning Reflection"

"Hard Edge Abstract"

"Cat, Window & Moon"

"Morning Stream"

"Monet Water Lillies"

"Hands of Love"

"Abstract Space"

"Christmas Tree in the Forest"

"Pop Art Bunnies"


"Spiders & Witch"

"Birds & Flower"

"Elf & Gifts"


"Triad Harmony"

"Ball Jars & Flowers"




"Northern Lights"

"Birthday Cake"


"Swans In Love"


"Snow Scene w/ Deer"

"Mr. & Mrs. Frosty"

"Birds & Blossoms"

"Owl With Heart"

"Yoga Frog"

"Haunted House"

"Fall Trees & Dove"

"Cat & Fish Tank"



"Moon Landing"

"Silver Moon"

"Blue Bird"

"Cat & Caldron"

"High Heels"

"Red Analogous Harmony"

"Fall Birch Tree"

"Autumn Still Life"

"Simple Christmas Tree"

Choose a color harmony - Paint two smaller canvases in the same harmony but different designs on paint night!

"Flowing Flowers"

"Abstract Name"


"Men's Ties"

"Secondary Harmony Landscape"

"Star Wars Craft"

"VW & Surfboards"




"Turtle Heroes"

"Italian Countryside"

"Sugar Skull"

"Sun & Snow"

"Sun Rise"

"Sunset Horse"

"Kiss in Snow"

"Cat Tails & Queen Anne's Lace"

"Summer Owl"

"Mommy & Me Owls"

"Glass of Wine"

"Blue Analogous Harmony"

"Ferris Wheel"

"Red, White & Rose"

"Christmas Balls"