Before and after of  Holy Angel's Parish group procession statue of St Marziele

Before and after of a Crucifix statuary restoration

A couple more before and after statue restorations

Artist Mark Sassani

Before and after restoration of Mary and Jesus relief statues.

Before and after of a Church size Crucifix Restoration

Before and after of a Church size BVM Restoration

Before and after statue restoration of a Saint Gerard Statue

Before and after of Our Lady of Lourdes statue restorations of the religious statues located at the Grotto in Shamokin, Pennsylvania.

Before and after statue restoration of a life size BVM & Christ child statue. 

Before and after of an outdoor, cement BVM religious statue repair and restoration.

Saint Anthony and the Christ Child was an almost life size sculpture restored for a local church.

Both of these Saint Joseph statues are examples of someone trying to repair the damage by themselves.  The glue they used was much harder than the plaster and I had to build up over and around the areas glued.  

Statue restoration and statue repairs of religious statues by artist Mark Sassani. This page displays a few examples of statuary and sculpture restorations that artist Mark Sassani has performed and completed.  Shown are a few of the more badly damaged religious statues in need of expert repairs.  Mark Sassani has repaired and restored literally thousands of statues for private individuals, churches, and businesses. Repairing statues and statuary restoration is a specialty and Mark is well respected for his expert and professional statuary restorative talents. Contact Mark Sassani for all your art, statue and sculpture repair and restoration.

      This Statue of Mary and the Christ Child fell several feet and broke into several large pieces and many small pieces.  Fortunately the owner saved all the pieces and did not try to glue it back together herself.  Often times people think that they are the do it yourself type, but more often than not it makes my job more difficult and sometimes I have to re-break it to correct it.  Overall it was a very successful restoration and in fact I believe there is an improvement in the coloration from the original status.

Statue Restoration

Saint Joseph's Fine Art Studio