Saint Joseph's Fine Art Studio




Artist Mark Sassani

Below - before and after from Zion Primitive Methodist Church in Mount Carmel, PA.  

Above - Before and after of the young Christ and St. John the Baptist from a window in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Mount Carmel, Pa.  Both faces were dirty, and St John's hair and one eye had badly deteriorated color.  Below - The coloration of the woman's hair and eyes was deteriorated and the surface was dirty.

In this window depicting the Nativity the hair on St. Joseph and the shepherd were deteriorated. The Blessed Mother's hair, eyes, and lips were faded: as was the same on the Christ child and the lamb.

On the left you can see the loss of color and line in the lower window panel.

In upper panel you can see some faded color in the clothing.

Before and after from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, as are the next two pairs below. 

On the left you can see how deteriorated the hair color is on St. James from the window depicting the Agony in the Garden.  On the right his hair color has been restored.

Above and Below - Before and after images from the "Transfiguration" window in Transfiguration Church in Shamokin, Pa.  The Heads of Christ and Elijah both were coated with dirt and had faded and missing color spots.

My stained glass restoration only concerns the cleaning, coloration and shading of the glass itself.

It does not involve any work with the lead, framing or structural support.  

Common issues I address are dirt, missing color spots, corroded color.

Areas usually most in need of restoration are faded face, hair, eye and lip color, and to a lesser degree clothing.

Shown here is a sample of the type of problems that arise with old stained glass windows.

Stained Glass Restoration