Yuengling Brewery Project, Pottsville, Pa. July 2018

Starting to build the layers.

The drawing and tone on the second door.

Lori and I after a days work.

The back ground is started.

Logan working on Marcel.

Here I'm explaining the final picture varnish.

Logan and Lori working on the first door.

Artist Mark Sassani

Dick with Logan and I for the final pictures.

The drawing is on the first door.

Saint Joseph's Fine Art Studio

Mural two is completed.

The underpainting is under way.

Lori was on video chat with Dick Yuengling for the final pictures of the project.

Hitting the final touches.

The developing underpainting.

The first door is completed.

Working on the beer barrels.

Working on the standing figure.

I would like to thank Dick Yuengling for this amazing opportunity to be associated with his brewery by painting these murals.  I must say, I am very impressed with the character of this man.  He is down to earth, very understanding and was extremely helpful in every way possible. Thank you and your entire staff, as they too were very supportive in numerous ways.